Summary for 5 Shops B2B Massage Lady (January 2018)

3/11/17 – Kip the most popular choice for deep throat also known as BBBJ queen finally return after MIA for 1 year ++ now at Sri South Shop. Another must try if you are into BBBJ sucker type

5/11/17 – Mena finally return and one of the must try at Sri South Shop. Check her out below at Sri South shop

7/11/17 – Nicky the new arrival October now at Sukhothai and she is another must try. Check her out at Sukhothai Shop description.

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SukhoThai B2B Shop, Bukit Serdang
(Updated  January 2018)

Call / Whatsapp captain Sukho @ 018 – 219 6316
Location: A-8-1, Jalan BS 14/3, Bukit Serdang
Or Type in “Cabriole Ballet” into Google Map GPS. SukhoThai Shop is next to it


(New Girl January 2018)

I will try to get more info about JJ and update about her =)

(Super Service, Big Boobs, Highly Recommended, Must try)

Nadia the superb and high demand b2b lady finally return. Nadia needless to say has big boobs and good looking too. She is pretty hot lady. hahaha!! Nadia is really awesome and upgraded to superb service and highly recommended. Aside having nice big boobs and nice body, nadia is superb friendly and speak english well and very accommodating girl. Nadia is very good in every aspect from good thai massage therapy skill, good bj, good FJ skill. Only her skill sensual b2b need further improve. Good attitude she has and soon become very popular. Watch out for her name in future =) Great for first timer customer too. Just tell her MrYang recommend you come to her. She will serve you well. =)

Call / Whatsapp captain Sukho @ 018 – 219 6316
Location: A-8-1, Jalan BS 14/3, Bukit Serdang

Cat (new lady August)

(Superb Service,Medium Big Boobs, Highly Recommended) –

Cat is simply awesome and the looks of her you know she is kinda of sweet and soft personality person. Cat is another amazing massage lady simply must try at Sukhotai Bukit Serdang shop here. She easily accommodate all simple request like DFK, CIM (tips) and very passionate BBBJ. Cat is also very good in delivering thai massage skill. Cat can do 3P now with Noi. Cat is another good looking (pretty in my opinion) and nice body figure medium big boobs =)

Call / Whatsapp captain Sukho @ 018 – 219 6316
Location: A-8-1, Jalan BS 14/3, Bukit Serdang

Kip she return!
(Highly recommended)
Superb Service, Best BBBJ Deepthroat,
CIM (tips), Looks like Bumiputra,
High GFE, Medium Big Boobs)

Kip one of the Best BBBJ if you looking the best blow job and Deepthroat. Kip looks like bumiputra sarawak local bidayuh or kadazan with very very soft Big Boobs. Bit meaty but just nice. I remember i overheard a guy said after tried her. “Lagi power daripada GF saya”, Nasib baik satu jam saja. Kalau x, mati saya bercinta dia. Hahaha! DFK + DATY + CIM (Everything boleh) Very high GFE and Sporting level is very high.

Just tell her MrYang recommend you come to her. She will serve you well =)

Call / Whatsapp captain Sukho @ 018 – 219 6316
Location: A-8-1, Jalan BS 14/3, Bukit Serdang

(Superb Service, Big Boobs, Highly Recommended) –

Lucky has the slimmest body figure (like taylor swift) there with Medium Boobs. Her GFE is Damn Ceiling high and she is very friendly and sporting. She is yes lady to everything you request from her. Service is handsomely high from Lucky but she can’t speak English though. She is good choice to pick too for her nice personality. DFK + DATY+CIM (She will say yes!) Read Lucky Review here

Call / Whatsapp captain Sukho @ 018 – 219 6316
Location: A-8-1, Jalan BS 14/3, Bukit Serdang

(Very good too, MILF matured)

Suky brought by her good friend superb service nadia. Suky newly arrived at Sukhothai b2b shop bukit serdang here on 24th March 2017. She is another hot looking but MILF type. Service especially when it comes to BBBJ she is born talented with it =) Massage skill wise is pretty normal and nothing much to shout about. Personality wise is very friendly. . =) However Suky is MILF and only suitable those who looking matured MILF type

Be Bey
 (Not bad, available  extraordinary like CIM, DFK, DATY)

Be Bey available for extraordinary action like CIM, DATY (pussylick), DFK and superb BBBJ. She is the best choice for those extraordinary action above where not many massage lady willing to do. Be bey downside is her thai massage skill is just normal. Just tell her MrYang recommend you come, they will serve you well =)

Call / Whatsapp captain Sukho @ 018 – 219 6316
Location: A-8-1, Jalan BS 14/3, Bukit Serdang


Nok She is finally back!!!!
(Average, Not bad)

Nok used to work as Escort lady , her face look alike korean chinese bit! Nok is very good with Thai Massage therapy skill. Apart from that, she is basically normal average.She can do many extraordinary things like CIM (tips) and DATY Just dont be shy talk to her about it. She is pretty good choice and her real person is actually good looking and fair skin. Like l say look alike korean lady =)

Angel B2B Shop, Puchong
Read Forum Discussion Angel B2B Shop here

(Updated  January 2018)



(New girl January)

Lin looks not bad and i will try collect more info about her and update soon =)


(highly recommended,
Superb Service, Must try)

Lucy finally returned after MIA for nearly 2 years and she is under category superb recommended list. Lucy is similar to Cindy and very sweet and pleasant personality. Cheerful and joyful looking too. She is another best choice for first timer customers. Another version of unexplained good and Lucy is best friend of Cindy. No idea what secret both share that make people crazy of their service. Definitely must try.

Just tell her MrYang recommend you come to her. She will serve you well =)


Soft Personality, Gentle,
Medium Big Boobs, Baby Soft Fair Skin)

Happy is one of the new just arrived and Happy looks exactly like local chinese girl and fair skin and very nice soft skin and medium big boobs =). What i like her the most about is her personality character which is very gentle and lovely and soft personality thus she always smile =)))). Even when she smile feature softly and gently expression. hahaha! She is the type very nice to be with and chat with if you want someone accommodating you.
Thai Massage skill is average and B2B sensual massage skill is average too as she just arrived. But she does do it with her best effort. Pretty sure sooner she will be pretty popular. =) Happy is good choice for first timer especially those prefer soft and gentle type b2b massage lady.

(New lady October)

BB just arrived October month and she is best to go for full package and best to get if you are into high GFE type. Thai Massage skill wise is just moderate average. You will enjoy a good companion and friendly person from BB. Overall BB is still good if your priority is not focus in thai massage but more on companion and getting her for full package pleasure.

superb massage lady

(Highly recommended,
Legendary B2B Skill Level
Highest GFE, CIM (tips), Superb)

Sarah is the Legendary best b2b massage skill with the highest GFE and Sporting personality. She puts very high fffdfdefforts regardless any skin color as long its a human. Speak good english. She is a must try for everyone & first timer ppl. Available BBBJ + CIM (talk to her) Damn! The record holder most comments review collected. The comments review speak them all! Read Sarah review here

(Highly recommended,
Best BBBJ Deepthroat, Cim (tips),
High GFE, Speak Malay, Legend in making)

Bowy is superb in everything from Massage skill, BBBJ (One of the best BBBJ skill), B2B & FJ. She can speak bahasa melayu fluently like local malay lady. She is a must try and very experience lady and best for first timer ppl too. Very friendly n good personality. Bowy has no weakness at all and very nakal (naughty) character. She can tease you all day long. She could give a short AR to tease you too! Awesome! Read Bowy Here

(Very Good especially thai massage, good for 1st timer)

 Rabbit is now a good choice to get if you like having a good skill thai massage therapy skill and accommodating type girl as rabbit is kinda soft and gently type lady. When it comes to b2b sensual skill, rabbit still need to upgrade bit. Other than that Rabbit is good choice to go for and she is pretty good looking too  (in  my opinion view =)

superb massage lady

(Highly recommended,
Superb Service, Legend in making)

Cindy is like a Celebrity Princess because she has the ability to make all customer repeated back to her and some really fall in love into her. Cindy is legendary category. Man Magnet! She also has this sweet good looking with Big Boobs. Her personality and friendliness and gentleness and softness is unexplained good. Somehow this lady can cast spell on you and make you repeatedly coming back for her. Made so many people crazy on her. Read more at MrYangb2b forum about her. Read Cindy Review Here

Just tell her MrYang recommend you come to her. She will serve you well =)


(Highly recommended Especially Thai Massage Therapy)

Num graduated as one of the highest Massage skill in a thai massage school!!!!. Seriously Num can be employed to massage the Queen royal highness! Quite tall and sexy body figure. In the past she has abit of sporting personality issue. But she is force to upgrade herself to equal the high level service set by the Angel Shop Puchong. She is good looking and smokey hot body figure. Medium big Boobs and tall like a model type. Read Num Review here. You will enjoy Num pure Thai Massage Therapy to the max and she can crack up your sore bones if you are damn tired after sports.

Just tell her MrYang recommend you come to her. She will serve you well =)

 (Local Indian, Downgraded, High risk !!)

Kavitha is a local indian massage lady,  Kavitha service recently for the past months downgraded going down hill. Very unstable and many complaints at her now. Avoid at all cost unless you die die want to try a local indian. Not recommended to pick at all!!!

Empire B2B Shop, Puchong
Read Forum Discussion Empire B2B Shop here
(January 2018)


(She Just returned)

I will try collect more and update more about Ice =)

(She Just returned and i try get more about her)

I will try collect more and update more about Lemon. One of the solid body but bit plump =)

(Overall good and nice slim curve body)

Jina overall is good and very has a slim nice body curve at the right angle too. Jina could deliver a decent thai massage skill and though b2b skill need to upgrade more. Jina is friendly and easy to talk to and pleasant personality.

Jina is good for 1st timer to go too for she is soft and friendly character type girl. Just tell her MrYang recommend you come to her. She will serve you well =)

(Highly recommended, Urut batin original technique, High GFE, Speak chinese, malay, English)

Nancy is one of the highly recommended to get whether you are 1st timer or a regular cheongster. Nancy could do everything near perfection from Thai Massage Therapy skill, Genuine urut batin  a.k.a manhood massage therapy. Very sporting and very friendly to chat with because she could converse English, Malay and chinese very well.  Nancy could do those extraordinary like CIM with tips. Nancy is another good kisser too and perfect for those looking for someone nice and gentle to chat with and sharing some sweet lovely conversation. One of the best to go for your value money. Just tell her MrYang recommend you come, she will give the best =)

(Legendary return, Superb Service, Big Boobs) 

Hanna one of the most sought popular back in year 2014 – 2015 just return to empire b2b shop. Hanna is very popular for sweet personality and genuine skill thai massage, sensual b2b massage, all style FJ. She is very popular among malaysian as she knows what truly malaysian like. She can speak english, malay and bit chinese as she blends very well with malaysian all these years. Very nice curvy ass and boobs too. 

Just tell her MrYang recommend you come to her, she will serve you well =)


(Highly recommended
Master of Thai Massage Therapy Skill,
Superb Service, Highly Experience, Small Size, Speak Cantonese)

 Kitty is awesome in everything too. Though she small size and petite looking, She is one of the best strong Thai massage skill there. Working at Malaysia B2B and Hong Kong massage for many years. She can speak cantonese very fluent. Kitty is Unique & Mysterious lady, She can  make many older man coming back for her. She has some secret recipe in charming old men! Till now i have no ideas what she did inside. She can ride so hard like no tomorrow if you wish, CIM, 69 DATY, DFK. she can do everything you name it. Superb service & must try! Read Kitty Review here

Kitty is one of the best choice for those older elder man required highly skill service. Just tell her MrYang recommend you come to her. She will serve you well =)

(highly recommended)
(Zaza returned =)

Superb Award winning in everything. Best in personality, attitude, efforts, service. Skill Thai Massage, B2B, FJ is very good too. I will let all her comments do the talking. Zaza is a must try for everyone! Crazily good and definitely must try too. She is a champion at Empire shop 2015. I let all the reviews comment talk about it. Read Zaza Review here

Just tell her MrYang recommend you come to her. She will serve you well =)

(highly recommended Sometimes) 

Highly skill in B2B and FJ service, Very nice Soft Medium Big Boobs, Thai Massage Skill is average, Can be wild and aggressive. Ohn is professional and able speak Good English. She is Available for Anal and CIM (kindly talk to her personally) Read Ohn review here.

(MILF Type, Fair Skin, Soft Medium Big Boobs)

Nina is another MILF massage girl to get if you are MILF hunter massage lady. Nina is known for her soft , gentle and pleasant personality. You will get to enjoy a good massage therapy skill from Nina and slow gentle sensual b2b massage from her. She is best for full package service. Just tell her MrYang recommend you come to her. She will serve you well =)


(Highly Recommended
Superb Service, CIM (tips) Big Boobs,) 

Nicha used to work 1 year ago. Finally she returned unexpectedly. Abit MILF lady but with high experience and equipped with all high level skill in terms Massage, B2B, FJ skill! Big Boobs and big round ass!! Highly recommeded especially those looking superb category! Nicha can do Urut Batin Manhood massage therapy (just request to her) =)

Just tell her MrYang recommend you come to her. She will serve you well =)

(Local Indian, Limited Edition)

(Not Bad Overall, Only B2B Massage)
(Not Available)

Meera is a local indian massage lady and being a limited edition itself she is very popular among the customer indians. Meera is very friendly and quite a good looking lady. Meera is only available for B2B Sensual massage package only comes with Happy Ending HJ. Meera does know a little bit of batin techniques, just tell her you want the batin techniques. Overall Meera is a good choice if you compare among the local massage lady. Thailand lady is still better choice if you looking for higher superb quality service =)

Wonderful B2B Shop, Puchong
Read Forum Discussion Wonderful B2B here
(January 2018)

(Highly Recommended, Big Boobs, Superb Service)

Leon is another big boobs and fair skin and she is good looking (she is very pretty if she let her long fair falling down i seen it be4). She is very playful lady and accommodate well. DFK and DATY she bit choosy depending! Other than that she is very good and a very good choice for big boobs lover. Dont worry much if you going for her. Just tell her MrYang recommend you2her. Read Leon Review Here

(Highly Recommended, Big Boobs, Superb Thai Massage skill)

Joy another soft Big Boobs must try here. You will enjoy her a perfect thai massage and amazing soft big boobs from Joy and she does know how to utilize her soft big boobs in B2B and full package service. She also sporting about DFK and DATY.  She is friendly, gentle type. Big Boobs lover must try.

(Simply Superb, Awesome)

Everything about Wunsen is superb. A definitely must try if you havent experienced her yet =)
Just tell her MrYang recommend you come to her. She will serve you well =)


(Highly recommended,
Big Boobs, Superb Service,
CIM (tips), Highly Experience
Legend in Making)

Pinky Pinky the legend join Wonderful B2B Puchong Shop now!! OMG OMG OMG!! Pinky is the latest massage lady join Nov 2016 month and you guys are very lucky to meet her. Pinky which i know few years ago at Kuala Lumpur hotel finally join Wonderful Shop!

Although she just newly joined month Nov 2016, this super hottie sexy big boobs Bomb Pinky immediately i consider her Highly Recommended and legend in making. She is superb in everything when it comes to sensual B2B body to body massage, FJ, BJ, CIM, Lovely Friendly, Pretty, Speak English. Damn.. I bet you all she will become one of the most pick and most popular coming weeks. Pinky is suitable to everyone and a  must try. Especially those ppl hunger for highly skill service oriented lady =)

Just tell her MrYang recommend you come to her. She will serve you well =)

(Strong Thai Massage, Big Boobs, Highly Recommended) 

Sam has finally returned after MIA for nearly one year. She is another expert thai massage therapy skill and she is very strong in delivering that. She is good looking and has a gorgeous sexy body too. Nice curvy especially when you look her behind view. She is specially good in Full Package and B2B massage. Sam is massage lady she do it her own style way and she can do it very well. She does not like to get instruct to do differently. To enjoy the best from Sam professional thai massage skill and big boobs sexy body, just let her do it her way and enjoy it.

Bee Mei
(Highly Recommended)

Bee Mei is another just newly arrival girl with good looking and great assets big boobs at Wonderful sensual b2b massage shop 2017. Everything about Bee Mei is superb service from sensual b2b massage skill and friendly and very accommodating girl.

Bee Mei is another must try lady now  if you value good quality service and great asset big boobs. Just tell them MrYang recommend you come. They will serve you well =)


(Overall not bad)

Apple overall is average service and she is best for chinese boy. Apple skill massage and b2b and FJ is moderately good. In my opinion Apple still need to upgrade herself more compare with other superb massage lady category

Sri South City B2B Shop, Seri Kembangan
Read Forum Discussion Sri South here
(January 2018)


(Young & pretty, nice slim body but…)

Star finally returned after MIA for a long period. No doubt star is young and pretty and nice slim body curve. However Star is more fond into younger boys and you need some luck if you are way more older than she is. Overall star is best for those younger boys version. She is gorgeous looking type girl.

(Awesome, She is pretty good)

I will share share more about her Soda later =)


(Highly Recommended, Very friendly and sporting, chubby bit)

Mona is one of the sporting and friendly type girl to hang out. Able to speak good english and she is good in making you feel comfortable. She could deliver a very good thai massage therapy skill too.. One of the high gfe and companion type to get. Suitable for 1st timer too =) Mona is bit chubby best for those who prefer a bit meaty type =)

(Highly Recommended, big boobs, cute and petite, Superb service and Sweet personality sexy cartoon voice)

Wan is simply one of the must try b2b girl and she is actually very good looking when you see her in real person. Wan is shorty and cute and petite and she can do nearly everything a guy wanted too. You will enjoy many romance and high gfe, gentle, sweet personality and friendly and sporting personality by Wan. Her skill in terms thai massage and sensual b2b and others simply awesome too. She is very good entertainer and very good for someone to talk with like a girl friend. Speak good english. Just tell her MrYang recommend you come to her. She will do it the best . =) one of the must try at sri south shop and suitable for those 1st timer and she smiles all the time =)


(Big Boobs, Can be unpredictable sometime, Very hot body)

Sofia can be unpredictable in providing good service however no doubt Sofia had a nice hot solid big boobs and big round ass. Sofia c

 (Highly Recommended, Superb Service)

Min is one of the must try for those big boobs lover and good looking and Min looks like actress Gong Li face. Slim body with very soft big boobs is not easy to find yet she is professional and pretty good skill in B2B and full package. She could speak English and cantonese and in my opinion sexy gorgeous body once she took off. Not easy to find this kinda of big boobs and skillful and good looking and speak english. One thing about Min, She has her own system when it comes to b2b and FJ and she is not keen if you try to force your own system into her. Just let do her job professionally you will enjoy maximum pleasure from Big Boobs Min =)

Limited edition!! **Please do not abuse big boobs lady and be rough with them**

(Highly Recommended, Philippines, Superb b2b sensual skill)

Aisyah is awesome and very sporting girl from Philippine and she is well known popular for her sensual b2b massage technique and cheerful the entire session lady to be with. One of the must try if you are into those sensual b2b massage at sri south shop serdang here. Highly recommended to go for Aisyah. Just tell her MrYang recommend you come to her. =) She will do it best!


(Highly recommended, Legendary Number 1, )
Finally the legend return 

Tong consider legendary lady “Ripley Believe it or not in service skill” Tong has no weakness at all (can’t speak English the only weakness)!!. She is number 1 in every category aspects! She scores 100% mark for everything skill and sensual erotic touch. Everyone of you is damn lucky get to live up today to experience Tong! Just read all the forums and review about Tong! Tong is like “Ripleys believe it or not” in terms of service. Hahaha!! Read Tong Review here


Some basic information

As usual, if you don’t know who to pick or being a first timer customer confusing whom to pick, just go Angel B2B Puchong or Empire B2B Puchong and pick any of these lady are superb. Close eyes and pick any of this superb lady. You will thanks me MrYang of their superb service after that. Haha!!. They had been working long time and comments are full of them. Just browse through the website and read all the comments. Best for those first timer customer or those who had experience disappointed service or poor service at other shops.

Empire B2B Puchong Shop: Zaza, Ning, Kitty, Hanna, Ohn, Wunsen,   (Close eyes & Pick any of these are superb and best in everything and good looking as well, just trust me MrYang if i dare say so. Just tell them MrYang recommend you come to her, she will serve you well)
Angel B2B Puchong Shop: Zee, Sarah, Cindy, Bowy, Lucy, Num  (Close eyes & Pick any of these are superb and best in everything and good looking as well, just trust me MrYang if i dare say so. Just tell them MrYang recommend you come to her, she will serve you well)

If you come across any lady name i provided below, they are awesomely good and superb too base on majority feedback (depending each personal preference, whatsapp me MrYang or post a question at my website forum to find the suitable b2b lady meet your requirements. I will try my best recommend the right one for you =)
Any of pick of this lady is awesomely good if they are available
Apple, Bowy, Kitty, Lek, Fong, Kip, leon, Lucy, Naci, Lucky, Maggie, Min, Yuri, Nenny, Yoyo, Zaza, Ning, Hanna, Sam, Cake, Wunsen, Ohn, Beer, Sarah, Num, Cindy, Rose, Ice, Joy, Candy, Tong,  Min, Meow, Kiss, Boom, Vovo, Pai, Kavitha,

Any Questions Please post below here. The other page are full of comments already. Haha! You can post as anonymous “guest” below. 

New B2B Massage Hotel Escort Lady from Kuala Lumpur Hotel Join! =)

Yeah!! Another Massive Big Boobs (E Cup) New Lady name May Previously working  Massage Hotel Penang just arrived at Wonderful Shop Puchong Massage centre 30/06/2016
See her undress to believe it =)


Some Comments Review collected from the past months. Hope you guys enjoy reading it =)

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Peng and Nana Big Boobs returned Angel Shop! & New lady arrived!

Peng the sweet young lady finally returned back Angel B2B shop puchong after MIA for many months. Nana the big boobs previously working at Sri South b2b shop returned too and now at ANgel B2B Shop Puchong.

Peng is one of the must try especially for first timer customer. Peng is known for her sweet smile and gentle personality and bit shy type character. Thai Massage Therapy Skill and Sensual skill and personality are very good. I used to rate her Highly recommended list and Superb category.

Nana the Big Boobs is bit random. She can be very good and make you superb satisfy because she can go very crazy and playful with you. On some day she will be just average normal service. That was back in August 2015. Now that Nana returned, hope she could upgrade herself to Highly recommended category and on superb level service. You will get to enjoy her big boobs at Angel shop here

New lady name Cooky arrived at Sri South B2B Shop with Medium big boobs. Service Sensual massage and skill is good. You can go ahead to get her if you like her. Do not worry of any poor service or bad experience with Cooky. Its safe to get her there =)

New lady name Susu at Bangkok Equine Park also not bad and very friendly. However i still had not much info about these two lady. I will try find out more about them =)

New KL Lady B2B Equine Park. Zaza Awakening! Cake Does Anal!

Bangkok Equine Park
Address: Jalan Equine 9c, Taman  Equine, Seri Kembangan (no signboard)
Call the Captain Bangkok @ 010-8728 787  if you not sure the place or booking purpose!
Or Call the Captain Zack @ 016-239 6609 (if you can’t get others)
Just tell them MrYang recommend you come. They will serve you well! =)

I am bit late in posting this but there are a few pretty good service B2B lady arrived at Bangkok Equine Park now. The new lady are Mina and Apple. I know these two briefly and both of them Mina and Apple are good choice if you are worry! 

Apple can speak Multiple Language. She can speak Hokkien bit, Chinese, Cantonese, and Malay and she is thailand chinese lady. She used to work B2B and full package around Kuala Lumpur residential condo. Bangkok Equine Park gladly welcome her! Mina is another lady is good choice to get if you looking for a fresh one to try at Taman Equine Park area. Both of them are pretty good looking too!

Those who had repeatedly give feedback and review in my forum or whatsapp me feedback everytime they tried my recommendation b2b lady. I can arrange a good discount if you want to try these three new lady Mina and Apple and Yoyo at Bangkok Equine park! Just whatsapp me MrYang if you reading this.

*I will personally book for you and i will personally tell the lady you want to get to receive the best and do according to your special requirements. Making sure your visit and money spend worth it.

Empire B2B Shop Puchong
Type in Google Map GPS; Jalan Bandar 6, Puchong. (No signboard)
The Empire shop is the same row with Restaurant Akshar. 4 – 5 shops next to it  and walk up the stairs.
Call Captain Empire Shop 016 – 867 6030 / 017-876 1995 if you not sure the place or booking purpose.
Call captain Zack 016 – 239 6609 (if you can’t get others)
Just tell them MrYang recommend you come, they will serve you well =)

Emotional Zaza Apologized and promise now returning to her best performance like before

I overheard a few negative feedback from the superb award B2B service lady Zaza and i am so curious about it. So i went to investigate and meet Zaza and i relate to her that the past one month her Superb B2B Service level was inconsistent as been told by few customers. Many customers expecting a very high level service because Zaza made a big fame of herself last year with plenty superb service that eventually i named Zaza is an award lady. Hahaha!!

Zaza was very cheerful when i met her and she herself admitted that she undergoes a very personal emotional period the last one month++  and it bothers her deeply. She also knows she probably made a few customers disappointed with her the last one month.

She is now back to her Original Superb Service level now she said and no longer bother by her personal emotional feeling anymore. She sincerely apologize to those customer who did not had great time the last one month++

Read about how great Superb Zaza B2B Massage here and why i name her award lady (click)

Not to forget other superb lady at Empire shop
Ohn, Wunsen, Nina, Beer, Ning, Naci, Zaza

Angel B2B Puchong 
Type in Google Map Gps, Jalan Bandar Sepuluh, Puchong. No signboard.
Call captain Angel @ 0112-051 0878 / 017-876 1995 if you not sure the place or booking purpose
Call captain zack @ 016-239 6609 (if you can’t get others)
Just tell them MrYang recommend you come. They will serve you well =)

Cake has transformed to another higher level service. Cake can do Anal too if anyone interested to try anal (with tips). Cake Massage skill is average only though but she has one sexy body figure and fair skin. She is one of best choice for Anal Lover.

Not to forget other B2B lady at Angel Shop Puchong
Lucy, Cindy, Zee, Sarah, Num, Leon, Kavitha

Awesome News! All the history Legendary B2B Massage 按摩 Lady returned!!!

Wonderful B2B Shop Puchong

Too many awesome b2b massage news to share. I only afraid i am not able to keep up with them all the latest update. Meow, Pai, Lek, Micky all returned back as of today

Firstly Boom and Vovo used to be working at Wonderful Shop Puchong finally returned back after MIA for 1 year ++ They been traveling the world and learned many new techniques B2B sensual skill and Thai Massage. Their service skill had been upgraded. Their gentle and sweet personality always win people heart remain exactly like last time.

Experiencing variety of customers from all around the world places mainly at Hong kong, Taiwan and Korean really develop their B2B Massage sensual skill and others. Exchanging Thai B2B Massage Therapy Skill among their Massage lady friends at various country improve their techniques as well.

Due to mess up backup, i only able retrieve a few comments about Boom before. Vovo comments i totally lose it all. Its a pity.

For your information, boom and vovo is categorized as my superb and highly recommended list and a must try once in your life. =)

Angel B2B Shop Puchong
– As of today, the queen b2b massage skill Sarah just returned too at Angel shop Puchong, Superb and Highly Recommended.

Massive Big Boobs Leon is at Angel Shop Puchong

Celebrity and popular Cindy and her best friend superb service Lucy will be back 27th February at Angel Shop Puchong. Both Superb and Highly Recommended

Zee the chinese mix thailand, small and cute and superb service can speak Chinese at Angel Shop Puchong. Superb and Highly recommended

Empire B2B Shop Puchong
Legendary Wunsen is now at empire shop. Superb and highly recommended

Zaza the lady that win all awards in every category is now at Empire shop Puchong. Superb and highly recommended

-Ning the massive Big Boobs had just returned at Empire shop Puchong. Highly recommended if you are big boobs lover

Ohn the wild and aggressive especially in Full package service just returned Empire shop Puchong

Please comments below for any questions you want to ask about =)

Comments Review B2B Massage updated! (Pleasure reading =)

Some Simple Comments dropped by stranger
(Your personal details is hidden, No worry =)

Thanks to all those strangers willingly to provide a simple feedback reviews after get my recommendation for the good B2B massage service. As usual, every individual human taste and requirements are different.

I hope you guys enjoy reading my website B2B Massage and also thanks to all those Thailand B2B Lady who putting their efforts and service. Some of the Thai B2B lady really work hard to become popular and some of them competing each other in terms of B2B Massage Service which is good for anyone out there.

Reviews Story B2B Massage Collected are from the forum (
I truly appreciated some of the guy who put the efforts to write the reviews of their experience and share for everyone for pleasure reading. Hope everyone who had read experience reviews & follow the tips advice’s could take bit time thanks to them at the bottom comments section here or thanks them in the forums there. I will definitely come out with something to appreciate those bro  who constantly publish their reviews.

Hanna Finally returned Empire B2B shop puchong!!

Hannah Finally returned back to empire B2b shop Puchong
New lady name Nana at Sri south b2b shop. (i got no information about her yet)
Min just returned today at Sri South B2B Shop

Hanna one of the best b2b lady has finally returned after missing in action for months. She has everything from the skill of Genuine Thai Massage therapy skill. She is comparable to those Thai odyssey shop massage lady or even higher if you give her one hour time time to perform all her massage skill. There are few lady with outstanding Thai Massage Therapy skill (i mean genuinely good massage skill one if you really want the top notch quality) Those outstanding previously working at Pure thai massage before venture into B2B shop massage in KL / Malaysia here.

Those equipped with genuine skill thai massage in my opinions are:
Num, Zee, Bowy at Angel Shop puchong
Zaza, Hanna, Kitty, Beer at Empire shop Puchong
Tong at Sri South B2B shop
Kung and Joy at Bangkok Equine Park.

The other lady skill are consider good too (definitely not piano massage or simply massage type kinda). Just drop me a question at the bottom comments there and ask me your requirements of the lady you wish to have. I will try my best recommend the right one for you. In return please give me feedback after. That’s all what i asked in return. I would be immensely appreciated by you doing so. =p

A new lady given name Nana just arrived at Sri south b2b shop. I have not much information about her yet. Will go and have alook my self before updating here. =p

Min just returned to Sri South B2B shop. Aiya!!! Needless to say much, this lady is very popular already and you can read all her comments in this website to find more about her if you interested. =)

New B2B Lady Jin at Wonderful Shop

There are a few new b2b lady adding into the list at Puchong and Seri kembangan area. The new lady name Jin at WOnderful Shop b2b puchong is very good choice to pick. Another new lady name “May’ at Sri South B2B shop got to be aware. Continuously received info that she can’t perform well. Not even reach 50% culture high level service set by those superb lady. 

Omg Omg! Ning return to Empire shop puchong tomorrow 26/11/15

Ning who is one of the popular B2B lady gifted with very nice big boobs and fair skin is returning back to Empire shop after MIA for months. Hopefully Ning Thai massage skill and her B2B skill are not rusty and good enough. Ning is very popular among Malay, Chinese and Indian customers. Ning is not picky with any races . That’s what i know about her before she MIA. She is more on the gently and slow and steady. Best for first timer customer too. Ning had many repeated customers too. I highly suggest book ning in advance if you interested. Cheers

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